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Vintage Stage Electronics - Repairs & Modifications, Customizing & Occasions - in Berlin-Friedrichshain since 1990




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All about Stage Electronics

Repairs of Amplifiers and Electronic Music Devices

Modifications & Customizing, Development & Manufacturing - since 1990 in Berlin-Friedrichshain

Elektromechanic Keyboards


Leslie Cabinets

Wurlitzer Pianos

Rhodes Pianos

Hohner Clavinet/Pianet/Guitaret/Electra Piano

Manthey Stereo Piano

…and others…

Vintage Keyboards/Synths

ARP, Farfisa

Korg, Moog, Roland

Solina, Vermona

Weltmeister, Yamaha

…and others…

Guitar Amps

Ampeg, Bogner, Engl,

Fender, Framus,

Hughes & Kettner, Kitty Hawk

Marshall, MESA/Boogie

Music Man, Reußenzehn,

Vase, Vermona, Vox

…and others, almost all makers,

incl. custom builds…

Bass Amps

acoustic, Ampeg, Ashdown,

EBS, David Eden,

Polytone, Reußenzehn,

SWR, Trace Elliott

Walter Woods, Yseult

…and others, almost all makers,

incl. custom builds…

Keyboard/Acoustic/Steel Guitar Amps

Cromacord, Peavey, Roland

PA-Amps, Powermixer, Active Speakers, Monitors

Alesis, Amcron/Crown, Audio Labor, Bryston, Carver, Chevin, Craaft/Solton, Dynacord, Harmonic Design, HK Audio, LAB Gruppen, Vermona, Yamaha, Zeck, Zoffmusic,

…and others, incl. custom builds…

Vintage HiFi Cassette Decks

Aiwa, Akai,  Denon, Pioneer, RFT, Sony, Technics

Vintage HiFi Pre/Power Amps

Ballad Audio, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, SABA, Sony, Technics, Telewatt

…and others, almost all makers, incl. custom builds…

Mixing Desks &Preamps

Allen&Heath, API, Bell, Electrodyne, EMT, Mitec, Neotek, Peavey, Soundcraft, Studer, Tapco, Teisco, Tonelux, Vermona, Yamaha

…and others, almost all makers, incl. custom builds…

Rackmount FX, Pedals, Stompboxes

…almost all makers, incl. custom builds…

Tape Machines

Fostex, Studer, TEAC/Tascam, Telefunken


Rock-Ola, Wurlitzer


Zero88, Lunge Micropack,

…and others, incl. custom builds…

Specializing in:

"Making studioclean“ of audio devices.

Tracing, shielding, compensation of inductive/capacitive hum field leakage.

Tracing and resolving of ground loops, internal and external.

Tracing and resolving of layout/wiring flaws which lead to signal contamination.

Where replacement of spare parts alone won’t suffice:

Upgrade repairs, flaw corrections, design and margin improvements,

which will lead to improved reliability and stable sound.

Where appropriate: In-depth fault analysis

Re-drawing of unavailable schematics from PCB.

I won’t probably be able to repair:

Devices that base largely upon SMD. Transmitters/Receivers.

Devices that manufacturers/importers won’t supply any schematics nor service manuals to.

DVD/BD-Player, cellphones, modern still/video cameras, mini-multimedia-player and ultracompact stuff.