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Regulation - Voicing - Tuning - Cleaning - Part Replacement

Suitcase: Mains Conversion 115V ->230V (and reverse)

Electronic Repair - Low Noise Mod

Low Hum Mod (Neutrik PowerCon, shielded power wiring, Cover shielding)

Ground loop eradication - Transformer balanced Line Out Phones / XLR.

For Feltwork and mechanical works I can recommend Christian Radtke of Rhodes Service Berlin.

Rhodes Stage/Suitcase Piano Repair

Rhodes impressions.

You may already know how they look outside…


References "Fender" Rhodes Stage/Suitcase Piano

TBS Berlin - 3x MarkI/MarkII Seventy-Three "Three Horses"

Andreas Bicking - Mark I Seventy-Three

Quasimodo Jazz Club Berlin - Mark II Seventy-Three

Sebastian Krumbiegel (Die Prinzen) - Mark I Seventy-Three

Hansa-Tonstudios Berlin - Mark I Seventy-Three "Golden Sustain"!

Roberto Di Gioia (Max Herre, Marsmobil) - Mark I Forty-Four(!)

Fabian Ludwig (FL Backline) - Mark I Seventy-Three

Tobias Neumann (Stefan Gwildis, Annett Louisan u.v.a.) - Suitcase Eighty-Eight

William Wilson Whittenberg - Suitcase Seventy-Three

Matthias Hessel - Mark V Seventy-Three

Mario v. Jascheroff - Mark 7 Seventy-Three AM "The Last Unicorn"

Christian Prommer (Red Bull Studios) - Mark I Seventy-Three

Fink - Mark II Seventy-Three

Matti Klein - Piano Bass Twenty-Five (!)

and many more…