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An abbreviated project overview:

HiFi Preamp TGV

HiFi Tuner U7

HiFi Power Amp TGV2100

HiFi Power Amp AA60D

Power Amp A200B

Power Amp A200HI

Power Amp Naß A 600 (600W/4Ohm Monoblock) 1985

Bass Amp BX120 (1985) JFET-Compressor, 10-Band Graphic EQ

Naß ASD14 (November 1986)

Low-noise complementary balanced Microphone quad splitter preamp

in EGS400-Modules to supply 4 independent mixer feeds, 3 electronically balanced

1 transformer balanced (FOH + Monitor + Recording + Broadcast Mobile)

i.A. Stern Meißen

Crossover XO (1987)

Lunge Micropack-Serie 10x2kW (Summer 1988-1989)

10-channel Analog Dimmerpacks in EGS400-Modules. 240 channels built.

Lunge Ringmodulator XM2 (1991)

Lunge HeadPhoneAmp HPA210 (1991) i.A FAS Deutsches Museum Berlin

Lunge Studio-Monitor-Amp MA400 (1994)

LAB Venue Limiter Stereo (2012)

Precision-Loudness Limiter for "Public-Authority-Approved",

i.e. reproducable and authority („Ordnungsamt“)-sealable PA systems

Applications range from Restaurants, Clubs to Wellness Areas, especially in appartment buildings.

(Custom developed for Rahe | Kraft GmbH)

Countless modifications and bugfixes for famous, not so famous, and infamous devices.

Special Manufacturing

HAMMOND Bass Pedal Spring

Drumpad Trigger for Martin Detonator

Venue Limiter

Film Guide  for ST180