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8.00 €

Price incl. shipping

as letter withinh Europe

International buyers, please contact me for shipping costs before buying.

YCP-PEBR-2 Non-Standard M3.5x0.6 Pedal Eye Bolt Pair Upgrade Replacement

for YAMAHA CP-70, CP-70B, CP-80, CP-80M

This is neither an original YAMAHA part nor a 1:1 direct replacement part !

The YAMAHA Electric Grand Parts List for YAMAHA CP-70, CP-70B, CP-80

Section 7 (Pedal, Leg) Ref No. 4 Part No AA970090 describes the original part as "Hook Bolt".

Due to its small thread diameter (M3x0.5) the original part won't stand

too frequent transport, setup and use.

The typical CP-70/CP-80 Pedal-Szenario: The original M3x0.5 eye bolt has been broken.

Now to improve this situation reliably the larger thread M3.5x0.6 is introduced with the upgrade part.

YCP-PEBR-2 CP Pedal Eye Bolt Replacement Pair M3.5x0.6

Made to order. Sold in pairs.

(The first pair is available in plain steel at reduced price.

Subsequent pairs will be made in stainless steel.)

To fit the new replacement part into the pedal bottom rails

the M3x0.5 thread remnants shall be drilled out,

then M3.5x0.6 threads shall be cut into the same place.

You may send your defective pedal in for that repair service ! Current rates apply.


12.00 €

TS-RM-BC Original Stainless Steel Belt Clamp

for Tom Scholz Rockman, Bassman, Soloist etc.

This is an Original Tom Scholz part !

Only 1 available !

Total Length 63,5mm, Width 19mm

Countersunk Mounting Hole, Diameter 5,75mm

Mounting Tab, Total Length 6,5mm Width 3,2mm

Price incl. letter shipping to Germany.

International buyers, please contact me for shipping costs before buying.