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It began with a HAMMOND B-3 made in 1966 which I had to make stage-ready in May 1990

together with Andreas Sander for Excellent Veranstaltungstechnik Berlin.

That good old lady had changed hands many times

(USA->Amptown->Wolfgang Radtke->Sound&Drumland->Excellent->TBS).

Back then I had no schematics, so I just decided to draw them from scratch for the following 6 weeks. Following successful overhaul and modification she became the No.1 B-3 organ for hire in Berlin. Serving John Lord, Joe Cocker and many more artists at Waldbühne, Columbiahalle and many different Berlin locations.

HAMMOND Tonewheel Organ Repair

Since then the following models have been serviced here:

B-2, B-3, C-2,C-3, CV, G, RT-2, RT-3, M-2, M.3, A-100, E-312, M-100, L-100, TTR-100, TR-200, X-66

Maintenance & Repair, Matching for different Cabinets, Customizing,

Motor generator fitting, Generator block silent suspension

Servicing the HAMMOND RT-3 at Hansa-Studio Berlin


References HAMMOND Tonewheel Organ

Excellent Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH / TSE AG / TBS - Hammond B-3 "Scream" + 2x Leslie 122/122RV

Michael Naß (BAP, McXingRoom Studio, Schulrock/P16, Die Seilschaft u.v.a.)

- Hammond B-3 "Precision" + Leslie 122, ex Paul Kuhn/SFB

Rüdiger "Ritchie" Barton (Silly) - Hammond M-3 + Leslie 760

Andreas "AB" Bicking (Saxnoend Studio, Stern Meißen, Veronika Fischer u.v.a.)

- Hammond M-100 + Leslie 760

Martin Schreier (Stern Combo Meißen, Schreier & Kramer Studios)

- Hammond C-3 + Dynacord-Leslie DC300E

Robert Matt (23rd Spirit) - Hammond T-100 "Black Groove"

Ulrich Gumpert (Manfred Krug) - Hammond B-2

Hansa-Tonstudios Berlin - Hammond RT-3 - Die "Burg" + Leslie 122

Trixx-Tonstudios Berlin - Hammond C-3 + Leslie 122

Christian Radtke (8 of Clubs) - Hammond C-3 - "Sheer Beauty" + Leslie 122RV

Andreas Hommelsheim (55 Fifty Five) - Hammond B-3 - "Old Castle" + HAMMOND PR 40

Aaron Grahovac (AGE) - Hammond C-3 - "Blondie" + Leslie 251->122

Matthias Hessel (Jazz Institut Berlin u.v.a) - Hammond A-100 + Leslie HR822

Lillo Scrimali (Max Herre) - Hammond B-3 + Leslie 122

Fabian Ludwig (FL Backline) - Hammond C-3 + Leslie 147

Alexander Kraut (Godzilla, Filmmusik) - Hammond A-100 + 2x Leslie 122

Jürgen Bloch (Roots of Rock Band) - Hammond L-100 + Leslie 710 + 2x Leslie 760

Simon Berckelman (Golden Retriever Studio) - Hammond X-66 "Space Station" + Hammond Cabinet 12-77

+ Hammond TR-200 + Leslie 950

Patrick Kall (Captured Live) - Leslie 122

Lothar Kramer (Stern Combo Meißen, Schreier & Kramer Studios) - Hammond RT-2

Steven Reich - Hammond CV-2

Jürgen Papke (Soulband) - Hammond TTR-100

Hans Kirschner - Hammond M-100

Jörg Diernberger - Hammond M-101

Matthias Falkenau - Hammond TR-200

Marius Grund - Hammond L-100 + Hohner Leslie ORT-100

Christian Pittius - Hammond C3 + Hammond Cabinet PR-20

Lorenzo Pascarelli - Hammond E-312

Matthias Müller - Hammond M-100 + Leslie 760

Rüdiger Falch - Hammond A-102 + Leslie 147

Johannes Feige - Hammond M-3

Sjan Till Sahm (Studio Mitte Mars) - Hammond A-100 + Leslie 251

Leonard Weber - Hammond TR-200

Martyn Jacques (The Tiger Lillies) - Hammond TR-200

Studio Erde - Hammond C-3 + Leslie 147

Sebastian Bertram - Hammond L-101, Hammond A-100 + Leslie 122

Deutsches Theater - Hammond B-3 + 2x Leslie 122

and many more…

...and my Hammond G built around 1942 still has to wait...X-{