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Professional Device Cleaning

Electronic Devices have on thing in common:

Wie get used to them and expect them to function forever.

They accompany us throughout our lives.

40 years of service are not uncommon, more than double the lifetime of a car.

And because there is no regular inspection duty for devices, maintenance is forgotten.

Group A: HiFi entertainment centers, Cassette decks, Tape machines, Keyboards, Mixing desks get no cover.

Debris, dust and aerosoles will accumulate.

Group B: Devices equipped with fans, eat tens of m³/h dust, aerosoles and exhaust.

Notebooks should be cleaned once every 2 years,

otherwise heatsink fins will congest

and CPU throttles down because of overheating !

Group C: CRT-TV/Monitors Tube Amps etc. collect fine dust, fibres and aerosoles

regardless of gravity and/or active ventilation through their ventilation grids

magically from any direction, upwards or sideways.

The reason is high tension (250..300 V in radio receivers,

350..790 V in Guitar Amps and 20000..29500 V in CRT-TVs/Monitors)

Most TVs start to burn as a directe consequence of these elektrostatically collected dust deposits!

Tube amplifiers and CRT-TVs/Monitors should be cleaned once every 5 years !

While I was there back in 2006 a typical CRT-TV of german production

began to crackle in the high tension area, to burn and to smoke.

Immediate pulling off the power cable, tearing the TV off the shelf and onto the balcony a fire could be avoided.

Perfect results always demand perfect cleanliness while working.

So I can offer the following grades of cleaning:

R3: Ultrasonic cleaning

for small parts <10cm (Mixing desk knobs, buttons etc.)

R2: Wet fine cleaning of surfaces

Developed for stubborn smoker’s aerosoles

using specially fitted industrial cleaning fluids.

Finally a cleaning fluid has been invented,

which will allow maximum degree of cleanliness.

Delicate screen printings,

which are not yet undermined by fatty/oily compounds,

stay untouched.

Knob, Key and button cleaning in wet brushing.

R1: Dry cleaning (using vacuuming and aux tools)

A prerequisite for all tube-equipped devices.

"Anodenstaub", a micro-dust deposits itself

beside normal dust and fibres on all high tension modules.




Supersonic rinse





Dust deposites on a SMPS.

This LAB1200 amp broke down due to dust. (Fans blocking, overheat)